Entry #1

An evening of introduction.

2010-01-09 18:35:28 by pandabones

Well, hello friends.

I thought I would make a sort of introductory post.
Here, you will find my more artistically inclined interests - sketches, paintings, tablet drawings and whatever else I end up producing with my own two hands.

If curious about what it is I am up to on a daily basis, you can always visit me here:


Feel free to bother me about what a tumblr is, if you have any questions about any of the photos or notions involved with them, or any other curiousity you might have brewing about in your heads.

I am available for commissions, conversation and encouragement of the arts. I find these are the things I do quite well and am quite flexible and energetic about them.

Hmm...I just finished watching a program on salmon sharks and now know something about their reproductive organs...this is obviously not related whatsoever but I will leave you on that note. Only because I am left with the visual of the shark being sliced open and taking a look at said reproductive organs...ohhhh boy.




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2010-03-27 13:23:43

Ok this is a bit lone
wait, is that a old-rusty hen ball rolling over there?

pandabones responds:

Mar 1, 2011 vs. Mar 27, 2010

there have been many, many rusty hen balls rolling around over here.